Conscious Leadership: full year training course

Coach Rhonda Victoor is finally offering her Leadership Training as a public course in Kelowna BC, making it accessible to all-sized organizations. She draws on 18 years experience coaching leaders across Canada and beyond.


Fresh leadership tools, rooted in mindfulness, that you can apply right away, to address the challenges of delegation, performance management and reducing triggers?

An engaging classroom experience broken into half-day classes you can fit into each month with ease?

leg up in your succession planning so you can leap to the next level?

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“The practicality of the information that Rhonda provides is exceptional.”

                              – Graduate of Conscious Leadership Program

This 12-month leadership course is:
– Designed in Canada for supervisors & managers in the first 5 years of leadership experience or who are in succession for leadership, with mastery tips woven in for more senior leaders
– Open to the public, making leadership training accessible to all sized organizations; less expensive than extensive in-house training
– Run over 12 sessions (8:30-noon) starting April 2019, with intake at any month in the year, and a break over the summer
– Highly integrative thanks to the inclusion of triad coaching groups which increase the application of new skills, making it a sound investment
– Rooted in a leadership philosophy of mindfulness, self-awareness, and mutual respect to reflect the new business culture
Priced at $4500/person for the entire year of training offered in Kelowna. Discounts available for multiple students registered from the same organization.

Here is a brief description of the 12 modules of this Conscious Leadership Program, spanning over 12 months. In each module we cover two topics:

Essential Leadership Rituals + Manage Energy, Not Time – Set rituals that stick as you shift from the doer (or subject matter expert) to the leader. Manage your energy flow to address the highest priorities at work, even when pulled in many directions.

Coach Approach to Leadership + Delegation and Accountability – Coaching skills to use with your team and potent questions to empower staff. Clarify expectations and ensure follow-through.

Dealing with Triggers as a Leader + Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Cultivate powerful, calm presence even when triggered. Notice what’s really going on within you and around you as a conscious leader.

Employee Engagement + Employee Retention – Identify where staff fall in cycle of engagement. Plug into a bigger purpose, create a community at work and ritualize face time with the boss.

Feedback Delivery + Performance Management – Explore preferences for receiving feedback and delivering both positive and constructive. Apply strength-based performance improvement and activities that give energy.

Goal Setting + Power Prioritizing – Rituals to review, adapt and celebrate goal progress. Drop multi-tasking and become laser-focused as you release distraction.

Leading Change + Shift from Buddy to Boss – When and how to involve employees in change. Resistors and Change-Champions. Navigating personal/professional relationships as leaders and the role of vital friends.

Collaboration and Consensus Building + The Green Balloon Communication Model – Modifying style to meet others where they are, without sacrificing values. The practice of clear, direct and respectful communication.

Dealing with Differences + Conflict Competence – Stop avoiding conflict or fueling it with staff, colleagues or customers. Deal effectively with differing (and difficult) personalities, inter-generational and intercultural differences.

The Art and Science of Negotiating + Influencing Others – Practise negotiating ‘up’, sideways with peers, and with your team. Influence others in an empowering way, even when you don’t have authority.

Building Fast Rapport + Presenting with Impact – In formal meetings or impromptu pitches with peers, direct reports, clients and even while networking.

The Self-Directed Leader + Strategic Mindset – Strategize and secure time and space to develop the strategic mindset. Lead your own engagement and pin point possibilities for mentorship going forward.

This program includes in-class practise of new skills, a robust tool-kit you take away and lively demonstrations to keep participants engaged. Rhonda will ensure you fully integrate the material, creating peer accountability and coaching opportunities in each module.

Participants put it best . . .

Really enjoy Rhonda as our trainer: well spoken, knows how to identify with people and bring out the best in them.

Always new tips and tricks that I have never found in my studies or previous training.

She keeps us engaged without relying on PowerPoint.”

TO REGISTER or to discuss this course, send an email or call our office at 250-575-7494. Act before January 31, 2019 to ensure your seat in the 2019 course. Classes begin April 11, 2019.

Note: parts of this program can still be offered in house as a single day workshop or conference keynote. EMAIL Rhonda if you’d like to discuss that.

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Thank you Rhonda! The feedback we’ve received on your presentation has been fantastic! I overheard a couple of engineers in the elevator after breakfast saying that your networking presentation was exactly what they needed to hear! We were also extremely impressed with how you tailored your presentation to our audience, and expertly incorporated our theme – and all on such short notice. We greatly appreciate all of the effort and hard work that you put in to help make our conference a success.

Laurel Buss | Communications Officer
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC)


We loved Rhonda’s presentation. Right away she proved to us that she understood our work and used the terminology we connect with. It was so much better than the canned presentations we’ve seen from other speakers. Plus she was enthusiastic and motivating keeping us all awake through an afternoon, which can be a challenging task. We look forward to working with her again!

Tracie Koebel, CA |Manager Training Services
MacKay LLP

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Register by January 31, 2019 to ensure your seat in the 2019 Conscious Leadership course. The time is now!

Email Rhonda with your questions or to register for the program. She will direct-invoice you or your organization.

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