12-month Leadership Training Course: Conscious Leadership

Rhonda is finally offering her Leadership Training as a public course in Kelowna BC! REGISTER NOW FOR THE FREE INFO session from 1 to 3pm on June 12, 2018 by clicking here!

In this highly engaging program, Coach Rhonda Victoor draws on 18 years of coaching leaders. Here is a brief description of the 12 levels of this Conscious Leadership Program, spanning over 12 months:

Level 1: Shift from Buddy to Boss – Delegation best practices to elevate standards and ensure follow-through, Shift from front-line-doer to leader

Level 2: The Coach Approach to Leadership – Coaching skills to use with your team, When to coach and when to train, Powerful questions to empower staff with

Level 3: Powerful Presence and EQ – Cultivate powerful, calm presence even when we’re triggered, Emotional intelligence (EQ) for leaders,

Level 4: Employee Engagement – Apply strength-based performance management to match where staff fall in cycle of engagement

Level 5: Manage High and Low Performers – Tools to build independent, accountable and highly engaged staff, Best practice for performance improvement

Level 6: Conscious Collaboration – Clear, direct and respectful communication, Modifying styles to meet others where they are, without sacrificing values & personality

Level 7: Conflict Competence – Strategies for dealing with difficult people and differing styles of communicators so you can stop avoiding conflict or fueling it

Level 8: Change Management – Champion changes using Tuckman’s natural cycles of change acceptance, Navigate it smoothly even with resistors

Level 9: Rapport and Relationships for Leaders – Build strong rapport more quickly with peers, direct reports and even while networking, Cultivate ‘vital friends’

Level 10: Influence for Leaders – Influence others in an empowering way, even when we don’t have authority, Advanced training in powerful presence

Level 11: Shift into Big Picture Leadership – Drop multi-tasking, Become laser-focused, Learn to power-prioritize, High performance decision-making

Level 12: The Self-Directed Leader – Become a leader of your own engagement, Goal setting for you as a leader and the team, Mentor/mentee: your needs going forward

This program includes multiple live demonstrations, analogies and visual models including the Green Balloon Conscious Communicator. Rhonda will ensure participants fully integrate the material, creating peer accountability and coaching opportunities throughout the levels.

What does your team need right now? Are they overwhelmed? Do they need to stay ahead of the curve? Or have you identified people for succession planning that you want to skill-up now? Let’s talk!

This 12-month leadership course is:
– Designed in Canada for supervisors & managers in the first 5 years of leadership experience or who are in succession for leadership
– Open to the public, making leadership training accessible to all sized organizations; less expensive than extensive in-house training
– Run over 12 sessions (8:30-noon) starting January 2019, with intake at any month in the year, and a break over the summer
– Highly integrative thanks to the inclusion of triad coaching groups which increase the application of new skills, making it a sound investment
– Priced at $4500/person for the entire year of training offered in Kelowna

The free info session held from 1 to 3pm on June 12, 2018 at the Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna, BC is for HR professionals, those interested in taking the course, or those leaders considering sending some of their staff to the course. RSVP now to secure your spot by clicking here!

Note: parts of this program can still be offered in house as a single day workshop or conference keynote. EMAIL Rhonda if you’d like to discuss that.

The Mindful Workplace Keynote

It’s all rooted in presence. All of our success. Joy. Impact. We notice that in moments of clarity. Moments of calm. Yet most of our working day is spent in chaos. Racing from one thing to the next. Desperately trying to multi-task. And always feeling one step behind.

It can feel like we have no choice. Which begs the question, can we choose presence? Even in the midst of chaos?

In this highly engaging, even theatrical keynote, Coach Rhonda Victoor shines light on the many triggers that pull us out of presence. She elevates our emotional intelligence through understanding our cues so we can consciously return to mindful presence. She masterfully guides us to notice what’s really going on within us. And around us.

At the surface we crave social media, sugar, shopping – the 3Ss – or another distraction of your choice.

But underneath that we have a deeper craving for quiet, connection, calm.

She shares her own journey of creating a practice of powerful presence over years as an entrepreneur, parent, and leader. Weaving in elements from her book ‘Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom’, Rhonda delivers practical application to a topic that more of us feel drawn to every day. Her trademark mantra – Breathe. Notice. Choose. – provides a stepping off point for a personal practice that sticks.

The result – a staff team that is more present. More engaged. More resilient. And incredibly more productive.

EMAIL Rhonda now to discuss your event.

No More Schmooze: Authentic Networking Keynote

Networking can feel draining even for someone experienced. Rooms full of strangers with not a familiar face in sight…rubbing elbows…schmoozing! Say goodbye to that tired style of networking. In this highly interactive session, Rhonda Victoor will coach us to connect with MORE people, MORE authentically. She used these very principles to grow her company internationally and now she’ll teach us to:

  • break into networking clusters with confidence
  • create engaging conversation that has nothing to do with the weather
  • avoid becoming a business card thruster
  • mentor others using temporary abandonment

EMAIL Rhonda now to discuss your event.

Event Organizers are saying this...

Thank you Rhonda! The feedback we’ve received on your presentation has been fantastic! I overheard a couple of engineers in the elevator after breakfast saying that your networking presentation was exactly what they needed to hear! We were also extremely impressed with how you tailored your presentation to our audience, and expertly incorporated our theme – and all on such short notice. We greatly appreciate all of the effort and hard work that you put in to help make our conference a success.

Laurel Buss | Communications Officer
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC)


We loved Rhonda’s presentation. Right away she proved to us that she understood our work and used the terminology we connect with. It was so much better than the canned presentations we’ve seen from other speakers. Plus she was enthusiastic and motivating keeping us all awake through an afternoon, which can be a challenging task. We look forward to working with her again!

Tracie Koebel, CA |Manager Training Services
MacKay LLP

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