The Mindful Workplace

It’s all rooted in presence. All of our success. Joy. Impact.

And we always have choice. We can choose presence. But only when we notice what’s really going on within us. And around us.

Breathe. Notice. Choose.

In this highly engaging, even theatrical keynote, Coach Rhonda Victoor shines light on the ancient triggers that pull us out of presence. She helps us practise mindfulness while in the midst of chaos.

She shares her own journey of creating a practise of powerful presence.

Weaving in elements from her book ‘Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom’.

Breathe. Notice. Choose.

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Conscious Leadership: at work and in life

One of the greatest complaints across industries is difficulty communicating. In all directions – upwards to our leaders, to junior staff who need our help, to peers, and to our clients.

In this highly engaging program, Coach Rhonda Victoor will reveal how to:

  • connect with others without having to get too fluffy
  • collaborate instead of avoiding conflict
  • influence others, even when we don’t have authority
  • notice the deeply engrained patterns in our communication and how to shift them, without sacrificing our values or personality
  • cultivate presence by understanding our own emotional intelligence

This program includes multiple live demonstrations, analogies and visual models including the Green Balloon Conscious Communicator. We will drill down deeper (so we can notice what’s really going on within) and then bring that noticing back up into daily practice so we can apply it immediately on our path to Mindful Leadership.

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No More Schmooze: The Return of Authentic Networking

Networking can feel draining even for someone experienced. Rooms full of strangers with not a familiar face in sight…rubbing elbows…schmoozing! Say goodbye to that tired style of networking. In this highly interactive session, Rhonda Victoor will coach us to connect with MORE people, MORE authentically. She used these very principles to grow her company internationally and now she’ll teach us to:

  • break into networking clusters with confidence
  • create engaging conversation that has nothing to do with the weather
  • avoid becoming a business card thruster
  • mentor others using temporary abandonment

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Event Organizers are saying this...

Thank you Rhonda! The feedback we’ve received on your presentation has been fantastic! I overheard a couple of engineers in the elevator after breakfast saying that your networking presentation was exactly what they needed to hear! We were also extremely impressed with how you tailored your presentation to our audience, and expertly incorporated our theme – and all on such short notice. We greatly appreciate all of the effort and hard work that you put in to help make our conference a success.

Laurel Buss | Communications Officer
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC)


We loved Rhonda’s presentation. Right away she proved to us that she understood our work and used the terminology we connect with. It was so much better than the canned presentations we’ve seen from other speakers. Plus she was enthusiastic and motivating keeping us all awake through an afternoon, which can be a challenging task. We look forward to working with her again!

Tracie Koebel, CA |Manager Training Services
MacKay LLP

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