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Coach Rhonda Victoor is finally offering her signature leadership training as a public course! Classroom instruction for this year-long course begins April 2019 in Kelowna, BC. Register by January 31, 2019 to ensure your seat. All the details on content, fit and pricing is here.

Keynote: Mindful Workplace for Maximum Engagement & Results

It’s all rooted in presence. All of our success. Joy. Impact. We notice that in moments of clarity. Moments of calm. Yet most of our working day is spent in chaos. Racing from one thing to the next. Desperately trying to multi-task. And always feeling one step behind.

It can feel like we have no choice. Which begs the question, can we choose presence? Even in the midst of chaos?

In this highly engaging, even theatrical keynote, Coach Rhonda Victoor shines light on the many triggers that pull us out of presence. She elevates our emotional intelligence through understanding our cues so we can consciously return to mindful presence. She masterfully guides us to notice what’s really going on within us. And around us.

At the surface we crave social media, sugar, shopping – the 3Ss – or another distraction of your choice.

But underneath that we have a deeper craving for quiet, connection, calm.

She shares her own journey of creating a practice of powerful presence over years as an entrepreneur, parent, and leader. Weaving in elements from her book ‘Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom’, Rhonda delivers practical application to a topic that more of us feel drawn to every day. Her trademark mantra – Breathe. Notice. Choose. – provides a stepping off point for a personal practice that sticks.

The result – a staff team that is more present. More engaged. More resilient. And incredibly more productive.

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Keynote: No More Schmooze - The Practice of Authentic Networking

Networking can feel draining even for someone experienced. Rooms full of strangers with not a familiar face in sight…rubbing elbows…schmoozing! Say goodbye to that tired style of networking. In this highly interactive session, Rhonda Victoor will coach us to connect with MORE people, MORE authentically. She used these very principles to grow her company internationally and now she’ll teach us to:

  • break into networking clusters with confidence
  • create engaging conversation that has nothing to do with the weather
  • avoid becoming a business card thruster
  • mentor others using temporary abandonment

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