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We need logical results and we need meaningful purpose. Business sense and intuitive sense. As a coach, Rhonda mines both in you. She has a profound sense of observation, noticing what is actually holding you back from great influence and impact. While always coaching the whole person: her approach is refreshing.

Leaders, those with leadership potential, and entrepreneurs have been seeking her out for 17 years – she was, and still is, an innovator in the coaching field. “When I launched my practice, business coaching was unheard of. I’m grateful to have helped lead the way in conscious communication.”

Common goals Rhonda helps client’s achieve:

– Practise staying centred and present in the moment, rather than being emotionally hi-jacked

– Increase capacity to influence team members, other leaders and stakeholders

– Increase employee engagement

– Build self-confidence and maximize leadership presence

– Rebuild your team to become high performing, well respected and influential

– Learn to “manage-up”

– Be a leader among leaders throughout the organization while maintaining healthy work/life balance

– Balance confidence and empathy to create magnetic leadership

What does a coaching series look like?

After 20 years of delivering conscious leadership coaching, Rhonda has honed the experience to a 9-month program.

Your coaching series will commence with a comprehensive 2-hour intake session. For the first hour, you and Rhonda will be joined by the leader you report to (or business partners / senior team if you are an entrepreneur). In that first meeting you will lay out the goals and receive feedback on areas for growth. Then Rhonda will arrange monthly coaching sessions for the 9 months to follow that will be confidential to you and her. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes, and following the meeting she will supply an email summary capturing key learning cues and commitments moving forward. Coaching is done over the phone, unless you happen to live in Kelowna, Canada in which case in-person coaching is arranged. After month 5 Rhonda creates a short progress report, which you review and approve before it’s shared with your leader. She also completes a similar closing report at the end, so your learning is well-documented as part of your ongoing performance enhancement.

The cost of this integrative, customized 9-month coaching experience is $4700+tax. Many clients have the fee paid for by their workplace, as part of leadership development.

Rhonda, I passed your coaching page onto a few colleagues: the first has recently taken a new job as an office manager in a medium sized firm. Not only would he benefit but it sounds like the whole company needs you!!!(but then again that goes without saying in my books!). The second runs a company with her husband and they are set for big growth in the coming months. I know she will love you and you will help her tremendously!!!   – Kris D

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