Brave and awkward conversations

I stared down at my shoes. I knew I wanted to say it. But the words weren’t coming. I could taste the awkward. I began to talk myself out of it. And then I remembered what Crystal said. I [...]


Who will you ignore today?

We don’t always mean to do it. We’re busy. Preoccupied with mental chatter, long lists and a buzzing phone. Other times we’re just uncomfortable. So averting their eyes feels easier. But did you [...]


Rituals give your brain a break

Something sets them apart. Olympians. Wildly-successful leaders. And your zenned out neighbor. That something is rituals. It’s not will power that brought them there. It’s one ritual [...]


put competence in its place

Competence has been lurking around in the shadows. Are you ignoring it completely? Or unconsciously gripping onto it for dear life? Either way, it’s time to put competence in its place. In a [...]


boundaries first

If your pattern of giving ends in burn-out or bitter-out, it’s time for an upgrade. As a coach I’ve witnessed over and over how we need clear boundaries to sustain balance. Or [...]


to plan…or not to

I was asked last week what my plan for the new year was. My answer “I only plan weeks or maybe a few months ahead. I can’t see very far.” I’m not saying planning is wrong. [...]