put competence in its place

Competence has been lurking around in the shadows. Are you ignoring it completely? Or unconsciously gripping onto it for dear life? Either way, it’s time to put competence in its place. In a [...]


tired of busy-one-upmanship

We ask it to make small talk. To commiserate. To imply success. “So…are you keeping busy?” Yet in the asking we perpetuate the culture of busy. The culture of more. The culture of speed. I used [...]


boundaries first

If your pattern of giving ends in burn-out or bitter-out, it’s time for an upgrade. As a coach I’ve witnessed over and over how we need clear boundaries to sustain balance. Or [...]


what do you really want?

The question hung in the air. I struggled to answer my coach. But that’s not new. Whether asked where I want to go for dinner, or what I want in BIG areas of life, the answer is often the [...]


is the sun setting or rising?

The question came after a long deep breathe. “How do I know when I’m done?” He was talking about his job. Should he stay or go? Later that week another client asked the same [...]


it’s officially time

We’ve been talking about it for a long time. On coaching calls. In workshops. In self help books. But now it’s official. It’s time. Yes. It’s time for you to DO the thing [...]


intention vs attachment

A wise man asked me recently, “Are you missing out on THIS experience, because you’re so busy trying to create THE perfect experience?” Yes. Indeed I was. And you??? The [...]


to plan…or not to

I was asked last week what my plan for the new year was. My answer “I only plan weeks or maybe a few months ahead. I can’t see very far.” I’m not saying planning is wrong. [...]