boundaries first

If your pattern of giving ends in burn-out or bitter-out, it’s time for an upgrade. As a coach I’ve witnessed over and over how we need clear boundaries to sustain balance. Or [...]


what do you really want?

The question hung in the air. I struggled to answer my coach. But that’s not new. Whether asked where I want to go for dinner, or what I want in BIG areas of life, the answer is often the [...]


is the sun setting or rising?

The question came after a long deep breathe. “How do I know when I’m done?” He was talking about his job. Should he stay or go? Later that week another client asked the same [...]


it’s officially time

We’ve been talking about it for a long time. On coaching calls. In workshops. In self help books. But now it’s official. It’s time. Yes. It’s time for you to DO the thing [...]


up off the floor

2017 is poised to be a powerful year. I want to walk through it grounded and passionate…so I’d better get up off the floor. When my teacher Lee Harris shared how many of us have been [...]


intention vs attachment

A wise man asked me recently, “Are you missing out on THIS experience, because you’re so busy trying to create THE perfect experience?” Yes. Indeed I was. And you??? The [...]


to plan…or not to

I was asked last week what my plan for the new year was. My answer “I only plan weeks or maybe a few months ahead. I can’t see very far.” I’m not saying planning is wrong. [...]

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